Hardella 1.7.0 released

Hardella 1.7.0 is avaliable for download.


  • PRU - host data exchange is now great again (it has been broken since 1.6.2)
  • PDM_DW block was returning inverted values

New features:

  • You can fetch actual PRU cycle duration in the online mode. When the feature is enabled in the PRU configuration, a couple of new output variables is added to MemoryRead. The variables denote “maximum duration of a PRU program”, and “maximum duration of a PRU cycle”. PRU core collects the statistics as it runs, and it resets the counters on each read from PRU operation.
  • Comments can now be added after semicolons, after IF, ELSIF, and so on.


  • As you open a project that was created in a previous version, “Migration Assistant” would suggest to update the project. This is required to update project to new comment storage format. You just need to click next, next, etc.

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