Download Hardella

Current version: Hardella 1.7.2 (see changelog)

Operating system File Size Checksum
Windows 250 MB
Mac OS 238 MB
Linux Hardella-1.7.2-linux.tar.gz 247 MB Hardella-1.7.2-linux.tar.gz.sha256

Java 8 is required to run Hardella IDE. You can get Java from (pick Java SE Development Kit).

Hardella requires no installation: you need just unzip it an that is it.

Please check Hardella tutorials

GPG signatures are generated via 2048R/410C47B1 Vladimir Sitnikov’s key (fingerprint = 1A60 90D3 223D CA95 BFD2 5C0E 38F4 7D3E 410C 47B1). You can grab public key from MIT key server if you want to check .asc signatures.