PRU project build

In order to build the project you need the following:

  1. Call a context menu on a PRU Configuration node and pick Run

    Create run configuration

  2. Specify the output path in the opened window. In case you run Windows the path could be like C:\Temp, however please refrain from using spaces.

    Configuration of the output path

  3. As you hit Run IDE will build the project. The result is printed in the Run tool window at the bottom (if it did not get activated, you could switch the required tool window)

    The result of a successful build

As you created run configuration, you can just hit the green triangle at the screen top or at the left in the Run tool. You can use Run > Run menu as well.

As seen above:

  • The IDE created /tmp/PRU0.prg, /tmp/PRU1.prg, and /tmp/BlinkningLeds.exp files
  • The files PRU0.prg and PRU1.prg are always the same (they will be the same for all the projects build from Hardella IDE)
  • /tmp/BlinkningLeds.exp will be used as wrapper so CoDeSys program could communicate with PRU cores


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